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united against corruption

UNICORN works with trade unions around the world to combat bribery and corruption (Homepage and Highlights).

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Address: UNICORN INTERNATIONAL NETWORK LIMITED, Hardie Caldwell LLP, Citypoint 2, 25 Tyndrum Street, GLASGOW, G4 0JY, UK;

About 2/2: UNICORN makes a unique contribution to the global fight against bribery and corruption by mobilising the strengths of the trade union movement. 

Bribery and corruption distort political and economic decision-making, leading to a misallocation of resources. This undermines democracy, impedes development, damages the environment, erodes governance, reduces the quality of public services and denies citizens their civil, political, economic and social rights. In the workplace, bribery and corruption threaten workers’ rights, safety and jobs and create climates of fear.

Winning the fight against bribery and corruption depends on the involvement of people on-the-ground: at work and in the community.  Trade unions, as representatives of millions of public and private sector workers and members of civil society, have a crucial role to play.

UNICORN works with trade unions around the world to combat bribery and corruption by increasing awareness and use of anti-corruption instruments, campaigning for measures to protect whistleblowers and supporting trade union anti-corruption activities.

UNICORN also strives to strengthen the links between trade unions and the anti-corruption community.


UNICORN is financed by grants from charitable trusts. It also receives in-kind support from trade unions.

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