Upendo Village NFP – Kenya

Linked with Florence Muia – Kenya.

Future Dream: In 2002, 4 acres of land was donated to Upendo Village, NFP for a permanent site in the small town of Naivasha (50 miles north of Nairobi). As soon as funds are available we shall start building so that we can expand our services to more clients and embark on basic training for them. There is no duplication of this service in surrounding areas. The closest similar program is 50 miles away.

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The Upendo Village NFP is a project designed to respond at the local level to the needs of women and their children living with HIV/AIDS. The project surrounds them with resources and support to improve their health, increase their lifespan and plan for the future. Upendo Village is not a hospice program where death is the final outcome. We are providing hope, love, services, and resources so that families can be strengthened and can plan for their future.

Upendo Village is not an incorporated municipality; it is an outreach ministry on a continent that bears the burden of the pandemic affects HIV/AIDS, Sister Muia explained. She and her staff of five along with 20-plus volunteers reach into surrounding communities and offer treatment and counseling services at the homes of those infected with AIDS. “We prepare them for a peaceful death.” The staff and volunteers also provide transportation services to obtain necessary medical treatment. At the same time, the representatives strive to meet the spiritual needs of the people, spearheading religious rituals and celebrations. (full long text).

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