VANSA Westerncape – Visual Arts in the Western Cape

The Visual Arts Network of South Africa is an umbrella organisation serving the interests of visual arts practitioners. Its membership consists of individual visual arts practitioners, curators and administrators, as well as organisations, companies, institutions and service providers that participate in or serve the visual arts sector. VANSA does not seek to replace or duplicate the functions of existing organisations and structures in the sector – it exists to promote greater unity and internal cooperation and communication within the visual arts … (Who we are 1/2).

Aims, Objectives; News; Spin-Space; Industry Events; Projects; People; Membership; Links; Support;
Address physique: VANSA WESTERN CAPE VANSA’s Spin Space Gallery, NO 8 Spin Street, Cape Town, 8002, South Africa;
(postal: P.O. BOX 15086, Vlaeberg, 8001, South Africa);

Who we are 2/2: … /History: VANSA was formed by leading figures in the visual arts sector from across South Africa in 2003 in response to the absence of a national structure that could represent the interests of the sector and systematically and constructively address the historical imbalances (in terms of access and opportunity) that continue to characterise the sector. 

VANSA Today:

The Network has positioned itself as being a body that pursues five key areas of activity:

  • Promoting and supporting networking and the sharing of information and opportunity within the visual arts sector
  • Creating a variety of platforms for the sector to discuss critical issues and opportunities for the sector
  • Facilitating opportunities for the professional development of visual arts practitioners in relation to the evolving demands of professional practice in South Africa and internationally
  • Consulting with the sector, and where necessary, conducting researching into critical needs within the sector
  • Constructively engaging government and the private sector with regard to government and corporate policies which impact on the sector, and identifying and pursuing areas of mutual benefit

What do we do?

Governance: VANSA is a voluntary association governed by a constitution and registered as a non-profit organisation. VANSA is registered with SARS for tax exempt status and is  a section 21 company.

Co-ordination: VANSA is co-ordinated through regional committees who meet, for the most, regularly. Two representatives from each committee sit on a national executive committee, which also has representation from membership-based organisations within the visual arts. The National Executive Committee can invite other individuals or organisations onto the NEC at its discretion. The latter meets four times a year and communicates and takes decisions via telephone and email at other times. Each committee is made up of volunteer members – all of them leaders in many respects and active members of the visual arts community. A National Co-ordinator has been contracted who is responsible for driving the realistion of the organisation’s plans and programmes at a national level. Provincial co-ordinators are contracted on the basis of available resources within a region to drive initiatives and programmes at a provincial level.

Some of the things we have done: … (full text).

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