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openDemocracy is committed to human rights and democracy. We aim to ensure that marginalised views and voices are heard. We believe facilitating argument and understanding across geographical boundaries is vital to preventing injustice … (about 1/2 /our Values).

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About 2/2 … /Our mission: openDemocracy publishes high quality news analysis, debates and blogs about the world and the way we govern ourselves. 

We are not about any one set of issues, but about principles and the arguments and debates about those principles. openDemocracy believes there is an urgent need for a global culture of views and argument that is:

  • Serious, thoughtful and attractively written
  • Accessible to all
  • Open to ideas and submissions from anywhere, part of a global human conversation that is not distorted by parochial national interests.
  • Original and creative, able to propose and debate solutions to the real problems that we all face.


… Our work

  • We publish daily on our main site, with our small team of staff and dedicated volunteers.
  • openDemocracy also encourages submissions from new and established writers, wherever they are and whatever the topic. All submissions are reviewed by our group of editors who decide on publication.
  • openDemocracy encourages special editorial projects which are part of openDemocracy but are run autonomously with their own funding.
  • Current editorial projects include: openDemocracyRussia, OurKingdom, openEconomy, 50.50, openIndia and others.
  • We also publish printed Collections of openDemocracy articles on selected themes – six times a year. See openDemocracy Collections.

Our history

  • openDemocracy was launched in May 2001, before 9/11. We said the world needed a wider and wiser debate on globalisation, with contributors from every country.
  • The site won an international readership with its response to the attacks on New York and Washington. The authority and quality of openDemocracy is now recognised and respected everywhere.
  • Its first editor in chief was Anthony Barnett. He was succeeded by Isabel Hilton. Tony Curzon Price became editor in chief in 2007.

Our status

  • is published by openDemocracy Limited, a UK registered company limited by guarantee and wholly owned by the openDemocracy Foundation for the Advancement of Global Education.
  • We operate as a non-profit body with the support of a number of trusts and foundations as well as individuals.
  • In the UK you can support openDemocracy with charitable grants and gifts to the openDemocracy programme of The Open Trust, a UK registered charity.
  • In the USA, it can be supported with gifts or grants to openDemocracy (USA) Incorporated, an independent 501(c)(3) with an openDemocracy programme.

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