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Linked with Patricia Gaffney – England.

Pax Christi, Peace of Christ, is a gospel-based lay-inspired, peacemaking movement. Founded in the Catholic Church, its membership is open to individuals, groups and organisations of all faiths who are in sympathy with its aims and values. It is affiliated to Pax Christi International. Pax Christi strives to help the Church and the wider community to proclaim and to make peace, through its experience and ideas, and especially through the witness and action of its members.

The three major objectives of Pax Christi are:

  • reconciliation;
  • the promotion of a culture of peace and nonviolence;
  • providing the means to bring about peace, e.g. through peace education resources and training.

Peace Resources;
Peacereporter worldwide;
News & Reports;
Contact (on the Homepage, scroll down).

And: Pax Christi on wikipedia; Pax Christi International.

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