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The Peace Education Network brings together peace education practitioners and others committed to promoting education for peace. The Peace Education Network works to encourage the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for exploring, making informed decisions about and exercising responsibilities and rights in a democratic society. The network organizes an annual peace education conference and coordinates approaches to curriculum development and the effective distribution of existing resources to teachers and others working in the field.

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Disputes may be inevitable, but violence is not. To prevent continued cycles of violence, education must seek to promote peace and tolerance, not fuel hatred and suspicion. The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the years 2001-1010 the International decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World. It defines a culture of peace as ‘all the values, attitudes and forms of behaviour that reflect respect for life, for human dignity and for all human rights, the rejection of violence in all its forms and commitment to the principles of freedom, justice, solidarity, tolerance and understanding between people’. Essential for building a culture of peace is peace education. The United Nations has called on every country to ‘ensure that children, from an early age, benefit from education to enable them to resolve any dispute peacefully and in a spirit of respect for human dignity and of tolerance’. (full text).

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