African Law Association

Association de Droit Africaine, Gesellschaft für afrikanischs Recht e.V.

Since its foundation in Heidelberg in 1973 the African Law Association  has been the single specialised association in German-speaking countries to spread knowledge of the legal systems of all of Africa – which the Association calls ‘African Law’ – and to encourage their comparative studies. The Association  brings together people interested in research, teaching and practical issues of the law in Africa and cultivates friendships with like-minded organizations, institutions and persons both in Germany and abroad … (english Welcome Page 1/2).

Conferences; Publications; Information; Materials; Who is who; Current research projects;
Contact /Address /Impressum: African Law Association, c/o Eva Diehl, Richardstr. 19, 12043 Berlin, Germany.

Welcome Page 2/2: … More than 200 researchers and practitioners who are members of the Association work on international law related to Africa, African States or persons, domestic law of Africa’s 53 States, traditional and religiously shaped African laws as well as the continent’s rich legal culture of present and past with its manifold traditions and influences.
We are also interested in the future of the law in Africa in the scope of globalisation.

Legislation, Jurisdiction, Legal Studies, Politics, administration and economy in Africa are facing enormous tasks due to the huge problems north and south of the Sahara. Therefore, the Association unites jurists and, inter alia, historians, africanists, ethnologists, political scientists and experts of development programmes. It is significant for the continuity and attractiveness of the Association’s activities that four of the seven founders are still active: Prof. Dr. Brun-Otto Bryde, Dr. Lothar Gündling, Dr. Kurt Madlener, Prof. Dr. Hans-H. Münkner.

As a platform for a thought-provoking exchange and presentations of national and foreign speakers, the Association organizes annual conferences (Jahrestagungen) in Heidelberg since 1975. To promote effectiveness, English and French is spoken at the conferences, besides German.

Since 1999 we publish the Journal Law in Africa twice a year (Board of Editors: Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig (in charge), Hatem Elliesie, Harald Sippel, Ulrich Spellenberg and Ulrike Wanitzek). Besides presentations given at the annual conferences and further scientific contributions, the Magazine contains Conference Reports, material, book reviews and announcements of the Association. Thus, the Magazine provides everybody working on law in Africa, including African jurists, with both scientific and further information. The Magazine also wants to encourage people to join the Association and take part in its activities.

The Yearbook of African Law, edited by Kurt Madlener, is published in irregular intervals on behalf of the Association. It may, beyond pure information, encourage the reader to deal with key questions of the law in Africa. Besides scientific essays the Jahrbuch contains Scientific and Conference Reports, material, book reviews as well as the Association’s statute and list of members.

The newly established homepage introduces the African Law Association and its activities to you and tries to become a platform to build a better network of the people interested in Law in Africa and provide further information about the Law in Africa. We look forward to a thought-provoking exchange with you.

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