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SCI is a peace organisation that co-ordinates international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds. Our work is based in the belief that all people are capable of living together and co-operating with mutual respect and without recourse to violence to solve conflict. Through international voluntary work we aim to give people the chance to experience this way of living whilst contributing in a useful manner to the community.

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About: It has 43 branches and groups worldwide and an ever growing number of partner organisations. The network spans 5 continents, but is based mainly in Europe and Asia. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a huge variety of projects all around the world. For example:

  • Work in a Wolf Sanctuary in the USA,
  • Run activities for Refugees in Kenya,
  • Plant Trees in Iceland,
  • Help organise a Multicultural Arts Festival in Finland,
  • Promote the idea of a Democratic Palestine to Children in Syria,
  • Rebuild a Community Hall in Sierra Leone,
  • Teach English to Nuns in Nepal,
  • And many, many more.

Rarely are specific skills required for these camps, and anyone can participate, regardless of gender, culture, nationality, religion or age. The projects are very practical, based on the philosophy of ‘Deeds not Words’. Volunteers can really make small but useful changes to help other communities. At the same time, a study component is also included in most camps so that volunteers can take away some specific knowledge and a deeper understanding of the issues they are confronting.

Living and working together with people of different backgrounds helps volunteers to break down prejudices and stereotypes and allows them to experience a world of mutual respect and understanding. In this sense, volunteering can be seen as a way of life – a demonstration of the possible reality of a peaceful and co-operative world.

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