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International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Journalism (PenPlusBytes) is a registered company limited by guarantee since 18th July 2001. PenPlusBytes seeks to empower the media through the use of ICTs to advance the work of journalism. It consists of a network of media organizations and journalists interested in using ICTs effectively to advance the course of journalism. We have trained over 100 journalists from various parts of Africa and across the globe in cutting edge new media technologies and contemporary ICT issues … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Vision: To be a leading training institute for training practicing African journalists on cutting edge ICT skills and policy related issues. 

Mission: Empowering the media through ICTs.


  • 1. To help journalists to understand and explore the use of ICTs in the Newsroom
  • 2. To build the capacity of the media to generate ICTs stories.
  • 3. To Conduct research into ICT use by the media
  • 4. To build a vibrant community of ICT journalists around the world.
  • 5. Advocating for media rights in the Information society.

Team PenPlusBytes.

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