the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq OWFI

Linked with Yanar Mohammed – Irak, and with Honor Killings in the New Iraq, The Murder of Du’a Aswad.

In 2003, Yanar Mohammed founded the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), which shelters Iraqi women targeted in honor killings and sectarian violence (both on the rise since the war and occupation). It also monitors women in jail and assists formerly detained women, such as prostitutes. And, most visibly, OWFI speaks out loudly and insistently for women’s legal rights and secular law in opposition to Iraq’s growing Islamism. Her demands shed light on the precarious position of women under radical Islamism but, perhaps more to the question at hand, they confirm the disastrous consequences of the Iraq war and the political repercussions of occupation, which, according to Mohammed, has unleashed militant fundamentalism that is proving impossible to subdue. (full text).

Yanar Mohammed tells about OWFI: “We mainly work out of our main office in Baghdad and also in the southern city of Nasiriyah. In Kirkuk we have representatives but we couldn?t maintain the office. We still have our representatives working from their homes. They open their homes when a woman needs sheltering”. (full text May 11, 2007).

See the organisation on wikipedia. See also a better article on the french wikipedia.

The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) was founded in 2003, and since its beginnings has proved itself as a truly pioneering organization. The OWFI is the only national women’s organization advocating for a secular society based on democracy and respect for human rights in accordance with international standards. The OWFI has launched the Al Mousawat (Equality) Newspaper, the only written media outlet about women’s rights in Iraq with a modern egalitarian outlook. In addition, the OWFI has been acknowledged for its successful advocacy campaigns in Iraq and its creation of the country’s (Arabic part of the country) first ever women’s shelter. The OWFI distinguishes itself by its three interconnected programs and services: a) the women’s community centers, b) the media and communications program and, c) its women’s shelters. (full text).

OWFI on sourcewatch.

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