Africa Humanitarian Action AHA

15 years of Humanitarian Work – just got ECOSOC special status

AHA seeks to empower African people to find lasting solutions to the challenges facing the continent and advocate for an African renaissance.  We believe that Africans have the necessary skills and abilities to be active agents of change and to positively impact their futures.  To support our aim we work together with local and vulnerable communities, listening and responding to their needs and building upon their inherent capacities, to make lasting differences to people’s lives … (full text Principles and Values).

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Address (one of many): AHA – Head Office, Guinea-Conakry Road, PO Box 110, Code 1250, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia;

About: African Humanitarian Action is African in Spirit, Concept and Composition. 


  • Confident that African People have the necessary skills and resources to address the challenges facing the continent, we contribute toward and advocate for the furthering of an African renaissance.


  • Our proximity to affected populations and understanding of local contexts maximise the sustainability and accountability of the multisectoral programmes we deliver.


  • We draw on the commitment and expertise of our staff, 85% of whom are recruited from local communities, to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced people and local communities throughout the continent.

AHA is a pan-African international non-governmental organisation (INGO) providing effective humanitarian assistance to alleviate human suffering, building on the strength of African people to solve African problems … (full text).

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