The Manthan AIF-Award

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The Manthan Award is an Indian initiative by Digital Empowerment Foundation, India as the national initiative of World Summit Award, to select and promote the best practices in e-Content and Creativity in India. It involves representatives from each state and union territory of India and visualizes the bridging of digital divide and narrowing of the content gap as its overall goal.

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Digital Empowerment foundation works in the area of Development in relations to Information Communication Technology with especial focus in research and assessment and recognizing the un-recognised. Ironically, most of the movements in the ICT for Development sector are more about technology and less about final deliverables or content in general. DEF observed that most of the innovative initiatives at the grassroots level using ICT do not get attention and recognition which could easily enable them to move forward.

Therefore, Manthan Award was conceived under the guidelines of World Summit on the Information Society and its e-Content award called World Summit Award. The agenda of the Manthan Award is to inspire, encourage and recognise the un-sung heroes and un-recognised innovators who would be using ICT application to deliver extremely useful content/business/products/services and leave an impact on the last mile citizens.

Started in 2005, in the first year itself, Manthan Award recognised 27 such initiative and incidentally they all were first time winners of any award in their life of high impact innovative projects. (full text).

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