Korea Women’s HotLine KWHL

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Linked with Heisoo Shin – South Korea.

KWHL Korea Women’s Hot Line, as a women’s rights activist group, is protecting women’s rights from all kinds of violence and advancing women’s social position as well as establishing gender equality in the spheres of family, work, and society. In politics, economics, society, and culture, our purpose is to make women participate actively, thus contributing to this land’s peace and democracy.

Contact: Korea Women’s Hotline 4F, 2-9 Daeheungdong Mapogu Seoul Korea, 121-808.
Tel + 82-2-2269-2962, Fax + 82-2-2269-1823.

We believe that:

  • feminism is the way of the twenty-first century, and we will wholeheartedly strive for an equal society and peaceful world without discrimination or violence;
  • We will cultivate activists full of passion and vision, who will nurture the new women’s rights movement;
  • We will rejuvenate the Anti-Domestic Violence Movement with an emphasis on prevention and awareness;
  • We will expose the problem of women suffering from the effects of a patriarchal family ideology and create a family culture based upon gender equality;
  • With local women and members at the forefront, we will direct the creation of a peaceful and democratic local government;
  • To eradicate sexual discrimination, prejudices, and stereotypes held by society and perpetuated by the media, we will actively develop the Local Women’s Media Movement;
  • We will actively pursue women’s issues across Asia and act in solidarity.

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