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Respect-Inside is a corporate conduct label. (It) is the first international site to provide information about the traceability of manufacture of consumer goods and industrial products. Respect-inside is neither an activist approach nor a site which denounces abuse and ranks companies. On the contrary, it is an Internet platform open to all kinds of stakeholders in the economy:

  • the transparency, traceability and visibility of the supply chain;
  • the measures taken to improve the living conditions of the persons involved in the manufacturing process, from the outset to the finished product.


  • On this site, companies present in a neutral and controlled manner:
  • general information;
  • social actions;
  • environmental actions.

This information is supplemented by reports by audit companies and by independent reports by NGOs (non-governmental organisations) …

… This site is intended for:

  • Every modern consumer/actor who is in tune with his or her age and with values such as transparency and respect;
  • Journalists who want to find out more about product purchases and consumption;
  • NGOs which take an interest in production conditions and in the living conditions of the persons involved in the supply chain;
  • Companies wishing to provide further information about the origins of their products and which adhere to the respect-inside ethical charter;
  • Public authorities, international organisations and businesses which, in their purchasing policy, want to find out more about the DNA of the products purchased and consumed by them.( full text).

Exemple: Go to the Homepage. Put for exemple T-shirt into the search tool, you find 79 results. You are interested to know the product chain of the
‘Coca Cola Red Stripped Black T-shirt’. You click on this (red) name. You find the enterprises involved in their fabrication.

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