Centre for Russian and East European Studies CREES

as a part of the European Research Institute ERI, (which is part of the University of Birmingham).

Linked with Bettina Renz – England.

At the University of Birmingham, CREES has been at the forefront of research and teaching on Russia and Eastern Europe for over 40 years. As ever, our staff and students continue to relish the exciting challenge of expanding the knowledge base on this fast changing region (Prof. Julian Cooper/Director & Dr Kataryna Wolczuk/Deputy Director).

CREES Homepage;
Forty Third Annual Report, 2005-2006;
Studying at CREES;

Staff: While CREES does not have its own Research Fellowship scheme, scholars wishing to undertake research visits are always welcome, for any period from a day to a year or more. Academic visitors who join us for more than a month are offered Honorary Research Fellow status, but we are obliged to make a modest charge for the use of a desk and other University facilities. If you are interested in a possible research visit, please contact the Director.

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