Bail for Immigration Detainees BiD

BID believes that asylum seekers and migrants in the UK have a right to liberty and should be protected from arbitrary and prolonged detention by effective and accessible legal safeguards. We are an independent charity that exists to:

  • Improve access to bail for all immigration detainees.
  • Lobby for detention to be subject to regular, independent and automatic judicial review.
  • Work towards an end to arbitrary detention in the UK.
  • End the detention of families with children … (about 1/2).

Resources for detainees; Help from BiD; News; Archives; Voices from detention; Children in detention; Facts, Figures; Annual report; Find out; Support;

About 2/2: … BID’s Activities:

  • Providing free information and support to detainees to help them exercise their right to liberty and make their own bail applications in court.
  • Preparing and presenting free applications for release on bail or temporary admission for detainees.
  • Carrying out research and using evidence gathered to campaign to end arbitrary detention.
  • Documenting and publicising injustices we see.

BID’s Achievements:

  • In 2007/8, BID applied for bail for 241 detainees, 51 of whom were released from detention.
  • We supported a further 1,927 people to make their own applications for bail or temporary admission, 330 of which were successful.
  • In February 2008, BID won a high court battle to secure a landmark judgement that the Home Secretary had unlawfully detained three Algerian men for over a year.
  • In 2007 and 2008, BID published the first research to expose the detrimental impact on detainees of new government policies, including the fast-tracking of asylum cases in detention and video link bail hearings.
  • In 2007, BID published ‘Obstacles to accountability’, an up-to-date analysis of the gaps between detention policy and practice, designed for use by practitioners working to challenge the detention of families.

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