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Give to over 400 grassroots charity projects worldwide through GlobalGiving’s marketplace of good. 85-90% of your money is on-the-ground within 60 days. It’s a new way of giving (with updates from the field).

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About: GlobalGiving was founded by two former World Bank executives who decided to use the Internet to create a highly efficient marketplace. The GlobalGiving platform enables more funding to reach projects throughout the globe, and, at the same time, provides a more transparent, engaging way for donors to give.

Because we enable donors to give directly to projects, they know exactly where their money is going. Donors can see progress updates on most projects as funding is received and goals are met. Donations made through GlobalGiving are higher impact because:

  • Money is going directly to a well-defined project versus supporting general operating expenses;
  • Projects on have exposure to thousands of donors, enabling us to aggregate multiple sources of funding for each project;
  • Many projects on are located in the developing world where a little money goes a long way We connect donors to projects via our “public” website, as well as through custom giving services.

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