The watching groups of IFI watchnet

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I like to outline specially the page with these organisations monitoring international financial institutions (IFIs), such as the World Bank, the IMF, and regional development banks.

Their direct link to the IFI watchers.

… and this morning June 6, these Civil Societies of IFI watchnet are publishing on their websites about the G8 summit 2007 (those having texts apparent from their Homepages):

Berne declaration / Erklärung von Bern (deutsch), specially on this page: G8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm (deutsch/français), and its link to the (deutsch/english/français/español);

Campagna (italiana), and a link to the protest-programm (deutsch/& link to english);, Entwicklung braucht Entschuldung (deutsch), mit link zum herunterladen der Pressemitteilung;

Focus on the Global South, scroll down to two texts: ‘The Climate Change Flap at the G8: A Spat over Detail, not Substance’; and ‘THE G8: NOT THE ONLY SHOW IN TOWN’;

Global Campaign for Education, gives on this page News in full: Ahead of G8 ‘children move the world‘ (scroll down);

Jubilee Dept Campaign, Tell the G8 to act against the vultures;

OXFAM International, from this page: G8 summit 2007(english/français/español);

from this page: Oxfam welcomes German announcement of more aid for Africa;

Trocaire, from this page: G8 failing to Make Poverty History;

WEED online, World Economy, Ecology, Development (deutsch), (on many pages, links directly from the homepage).

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