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The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition strives to improve UK companies’ impacts on people and the environment. The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition has over 130 members including representatives from ethical businesses, womens’ groups, religious groups, unions, academics and environment, development and human rights groups. The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition’s work is lead by a steering group of Amnesty International UK, Action Aid, Friends of the Earth, TraidCraft, War on Want and WWF (GB) … (about 1/2).
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About 2/2: … The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition’s members believe that in order to improve how UK companies behave, there is a need for: 

  • 1. greater transparency of business operations
  • 2. better accountability of businesses for their impacts on people and the environment
  • 3. improved access to justice for victims of harmful corporate conduct

Our approach:

  • The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition’s emphasis is on building strong broad-based support from business, decision makers and civil society groups for a new UK Commission for Business, Human Rights & The Environment.
  • If you would like to be a supporter of The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition, please complete the online application form.

What The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition has already achieved:

The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition were instrumental in securing changes to company law, helping to improve the impacts of UK companies on people and the environment. The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition helped ensure that The Companies Act (2006) now means that:

  • company directors must consider the environmental and social impacts of their decisions
  • the largest public companies have to annually report on their environmental and social impacts.

However, these requirements only require the company to consider environmental and social issues it considers are material. The Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition believes these obligations would be much more effective if further changes were made.

The Companies Act
– An update for supporters on the outcome.

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