The Isralestinian Gandhis

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Goal: The goal is to find Israelis and Palestinian Gandhis: To inform them about our meditation for peace: “The Isralestinian Gandhi’s” is looking for all pacifists, Israelis and Palestinians, willing to act together in nonviolent ways for peace between the two brothers children of the same father Abraham. The Isralestinian Gandhis will be a Palestinians and IsRaelis who want to work together mainly for peace. These people should do it on voluntary bases … (full text Goals).

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About us: The survival of the State of isRael is precarious: If we don’t change our position toward Palestinian People with more love and compassion, we are headed for our own destruction. This is the reason why we must act before it’s too late. 

In fact, aside from us, there are many organizations for peace, however, there is an urgent need to make a union amongst all of us, so we can become united and be stronger. This is why I created “The Isralestinian Gandhi’s”. Looking for all pacifists, Israelis and Palestinians, willing to act together and make a drastic change in our society. Not based on the government’s policy of war and bloodshed, but to live together in peace, harmony, love and non-violence. Forgetting about the past and start a new life. Abolishing borders and living in one country, one people. The two brothers children of the same father Abraham.

To make these changes, we must have a voice in the Israeli and Palestinian parliaments, and for this, we need to be part of these parliaments. “The Israeli Gandhi’s” and “The Palestinian Gandhi’s”, under the umbrella of “The Isralestinian Gandhi’s” will be the new political parties that will make the difference in the Israeli and Palestinian society. A “geniocratic party”, led by people with greater intelligence (higher IQ), who are able to make the difference and lead accordingly. And not by pathetic politicians who now lead our “mediocratic” governments.

We are honored to invite you to our first “Meditation for Peace” in Israel.

It will be held on April 16 at 11:00 AM in Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam (

It is time the two brothers, isRaelis and Palestinians/ Jews and Muslims, Children of the same father Abraham will meditate together in peace, harmony and brotherhood. Rising their level of consciousness, hoping for a better life, in a better country. sharing love, peace and brotherhood.

You are most welcome to attend. The success of this event will depend on your presence. Fraternally yours, Leon Mellul.

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