The California Women’s Agenda CAWA

Linked with Roma Pauline Guy – USA.

  • CAWA is a state action alliance of over 600 organizations in California, working together to implement the Beijing Platform at the grassroots;
  • CAWA is linking one million women and girls in collective action through real and “virtual” networks;
  • CAWA is a network that is organizing – not an organization that is networking.

Partizipating Organizations;
County and Regional Coalitions;
Beijing+, a call to action;
join the CAWA network;
Contact: Women’s Intercultural Network, 1950 Hayes Street, Suite Two, San Francisco, CA 94117 USA, Tel. 415-221-4841, Fax 415-221-4989, E-mail.

about: Women’s Intercultural Network WIN brought the (Beijing) Platform home to the California grassroots for implementation by creating CAWA: the CAlifornia Women’s Agenda. CAWA is a growing state action alliance of over 500 diverse organizations who adapted and published the Beijing Platform as a Plan of Action for California. CAWA’s objective is to link one million women in collective action through real and “virtual” networks.

The genesis of the Women’s Intercultural Network -WIN was the International Women’s Action Council (IWAC), created as an advisory group to a Ford Foundation grant in 1988: “Involving Women And Ethnic Minorities In Foreign Policy.” WIN CEO, formed IWAC to involve women from the many diverse cultures in San Diego in the project. This collaboration of women became the inspiration and prototype for WIN, which was incorporated in late 1994 in San Francisco, California. (full text).

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