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About (the english Homepage): From the 23rd to the 26th of February of 1998, grassroots movements of all continents met in Geneva to launch a worldwide coordination network of resistance to the global market, a new alliance of struggle and solidarity called Peoples’ Global Action against ‘free’ trade and the WTO PGA. That was the birth of this global tool for communication and coordination for all those who fight the destruction of humanity and the planet by capitalism and build local alternatives to globalisation.

The defining documents of the PGA are its five hallmarks, its organisational principles and its manifesto.

At the conference in Bangalore, India in August 1999 the hallmarks
and the organisational principles were amended to reflect discussions about clarifying differences to right-wing anti-globalizers. A new second hallmark was added. The Hallmarks were changed at the conference in Cochabamba 2001.

Links for any page are inside the websites of the respective Homepages of each language. See the english homepage.

What are the HALLMARKS:

  • A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive globalisation;
  • We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human beings;
  • A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker;
  • A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social movements’ struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples’ rights, as well as the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism;
  • An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation and autonomy.

Lastest action: G8 summit of Heiligendamm.

Link: Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

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