Throughout the world, engaged citizens are meeting and mobilizing to promote human rights and social justice while reinforcing their opposition to commercialization, social regression, and economic and military aggression. Social movements are organizing in international and trans-thematic coalitions for maximum impact and greater power. The Social movements directory is a World Forum for Alternatives (WFA) initiative to make known, or improve knowledge of, these new global actors. It includes social movement profiles and analysis articles. (full text).

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About the World Forum of alternatives WFA; The World Forum for Alternatives (WFA) is an international network of research centres and militant intellectuals from the South and the North. Created in 1997 it aims at supporting the convergence process of the social movements, as well as to the development alternatives that are democratic, pluralistic and sustainable, as opposed to neoliberal globalization and all the various forms of discrimination and domination. The WFA considers that the combined action of citizen movements, their demands and the socio-economic and political alternatives that they represent constitute the foundations of a more genuine democracy of the world system and the embryo of a just and sustainable model of society. The WFA sees its own actions as contributing to the processes of the world and regional social forums and the social and political dynamics that they generate. (full text).

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