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This website is dedicated to explaining how Migrant Helpline assists distressed foreign nationals.
Migrant Helpline is a charity. Our vision is to be a leading provider of quality support to migrants in distress. We are committed to providing high quality support and advice service. Our core values are: … (full text Homepage).

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Office Addresses (1 of 4): Migrant Helpline, Thanet Gateway Plus, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1XZ, UK;
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About: Migrant Helpline (MH) was established as a charity in 1963 by Helen Ellis MBE and was originally known as the Kent Committee for the Welfare of Migrants. Originally it assisted migrants and passengers through the port of Kent, but quickly developed other projects such as national assistance to abused and distressed au pairs. 

Over the years since then MH has become a flexible and responsive service provider helping distressed foreign nationals in the UK whenever and wherever it can. During the early 1990s it began to develop it’s services to asylum seekers. Under the leadership of Annie Ledger OBE it became a significant UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) contract holder for support services, a situation which continues to this day.

At present Migrant Helpline provides a variety of services to distressed foreign nationals across the UK, offering projects dealing with the following client groups:

  • Support to new asylum claimants in London
  • Advice services to asylum claimants and refugees in Kent, Sussex and London
  • Advice services to EU nationals in Kent
  • Integration services for EU nationals in Kent
  • Advice services for foreign national prisoners in Kent
  • Support for the victims of human trafficking throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Under the leadership of the current CEO, Mike Emberson, there are plans to expand its services further throughout the UK.
Key Staff: … (full text).

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