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peace and prosperity through knowledge

The Africa Policy Institute (API) is an independent, not-for-profit pan-African think tank designed as a centre of excellence on peace, security and governance, conceived as enablers of sustainable development. The Institute is devoted to field-based research, analysis and serious thinking to generate credible knowledge as the basis for policy dialogue and sharing of innovative policy perspectives with African institutions, states, civil society and the private sector. API`s headquarters is in Nairobi, (Kenya), with a regional office in Pretoria, South Africa and a liaison office in Kampala, Uganda … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Vision: Our vision is of a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous Africa shaping its own destiny and contributing to a just and equitable world. 


The Africa Policy Institute works to provide a sound knowledge base to enhance the continent`s capacity for policy-making aimed at improving the lives of its citizens. We are currently focusing on three inter-related thematic issues:

  • Securing peace and security to enable socio-economic development;
  • Promoting accountability and probity in governance;
  • Enhancing research and analysis capacity.

Main Objective:

  • Primarily, the work of the API seeks to improve the capacity of Africa and its partners for policy-making relating to peace, security and governance.


  • Our main targets are those who make, shape and influence policy on Africa, including African institutions, governments, civil society, think-tanks, academic institutions, private sector and Africa`s international partners.


  • The Institute pursues its goals through professional field-based research by its teams of experts, mainly from Africa based in our regional research projects. On the basis of this research, we generate analysis to inform policy options, alternatives and recommendations. We rely on our pool of African professionals and intellectuals who serve variously as members of the API international advisory board or as associates and fellows to ensure the highest quality of our reports and other publications. The API also taps on a network of transparent and equitable partnerships with other African institutions.

Communication & Outreach:

  • Our research findings and policy recommendations are shared through our flagship publication, Africa Policy Focus, policy briefs, working papers, occasional papers, and opinion pieces. API researchers also publish articles in professional journals and books.
  • Our publications are shared through our website, through ordinary mail and our extensive electronic mailing list-vuvuzela. Our regional offices convene periodic high-level policy forums as instruments of dialogue and sharing information. They also undertake regular briefings with African governments, institutions, inter-governmental agencies and Africa`s external partners.
  • API considers the development of research and analysis skills and capacities among Africa`s young researchers and practitioners as integral to its goal of transforming Africa`s policy environment and enhancing the continent`s independent capacity for policy-making. It has, therefore, developed mentorship and training initiatives to generate a pool of future researchers and analysts to service African governments and institutions.


  • The Africa Policy Institute is headed by the President supported by a strong International Advisory Board consisting of prominent academics, policy thinkers, civil society and business leaders with a wealth of experience in African affairs. The bedrock of our work, however, are our directors, analysts and experts who, together with a team of technical and administrative support staff, carry out the Institute`s mandate.

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