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Scotland’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender LGBT Domestic Abuse Project

  • This website is for service providers who work with people who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, domestic abuse. It has information specific to the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people.
  • This website is part of a project to work on LGBT domestic abuse in Scotland, hosted by LGBT Youth Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government. The project is focused on working with service providers, initially through development of this website. A training package for service providers on LGBT domestic abuse has also been developed and is being provided across Scotland, the project will also raise awareness of the existence of domestic abuse within the LGBT community. More information on the project can be found in the About the Project section. (Homepage).

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About LGTB: The LGBT Domestic Abuse Project has been funded by the Scottish Government as a project working on LGBT Domestic Abuse. 

The initial phase of the project was the creation of this website as a resource for all service providers currently supporting, working with or planning services for people experiencing domestic abuse.  The project has also piloted LGBT Domestic Abuse training  in 3 areas of Scotland, which has now been expanded to reach other areas of Scotland.  For more information please go to the Training section of the website.

There are lots of areas of work that need to be tackled in terms of LGBT Domestic Abuse, the project’s approach has been chosen as a means of reaching as many people as possible.  The project’s aim is for every LGBT person experiencing domestic abuse to receive a good response, regardless of which service provider they access.  This is in line with the aims of the Scottish Government’s National Training Strategy.

If you have any questions, please e-mail We will ensure that you receive an answer within 7 days. If we think your question and our answer would be helpful to others, it will also be posted on the website in the domestic abuse info, question and answer section. Please state whether you would prefer that your email be posted anonymously.

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