Action for Reach out

Linked with Elizabeth Ann Gray – Hong Kong SAR.

Action for Reach out means the Rights of Entertainers in Asia to Combat Human Oppression and Unjust Treatment.

Contact: Action for REACH OUT, P.O. Box 98108, T.S.T. Post Office, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Pager: 7110-9318 call 394, Tel: 852 2770-1065, Fax: 852 2770-1201, Hotline: 852 2770-1002

Action for REACH OUT believes that:

  • every woman has the right to fair and just treatment under the law, no matter what her educational, social, religious or occupational background;
  • every woman has the right to have the terms of her contract honoured and not changed without her prior consent;
  • every woman has the right to be free from violence and coercion;
  • every woman has the right to safeguard her own health;
  • every woman has the right not to be used as a commodity.

(see all full text on the main page of their website).

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