Truth in Justice

  • Truth in Justice is an educational non-profit organized to educate the public regarding the vulnerabilities in the U. S. criminal justice system that make the criminal conviction of wholly innocent persons possible.
  • When we say “wholly innocent,” we mean a person who had absolutely no part in the crime charged. An innocent person is deprived of life, liberty and the opportunity to contribute to society, while the guilty party is free to commit more crimes against unsuspecting victims … //
  • … Truth in Justice has over 1,800 pages of information and resources. Please use the google search engine (down) at the right to find the information you need. (full text Homepage).

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About: Truth in Justice is a Virginia nonstock, non-profit corporation which my husband, Doug, and I founded after we researched and then wrote a book about the 1994 murder of Sarah Gonstead and the conviction of Penny Brummer in Madison, Wisconsin.

In doing so, we recognized the widespread nature of wrongful convictions; it’s like buying a Volkswagen – once you buy one, you realize how many more Volkswagens are on the road.  In fact, a recent study by the University of Michigan suggests that in as many as 10% of all criminal convictions nationwide, the defendant is factually innocent.

Our primary goal in founding Truth in Justice was to heighten public awareness of the epidemic of wrongful convictions. The Truth in Justice web site appears to be the first one of its kind, and traffic has been increasing rapidly.  The case profiles here consist primarily of media reports, the majority of which are accounts of wrongfully convicted persons who have been exonerated. The articles profiling the innocent who remain imprisoned provide details of compelling evidence of innocence.  Specific factors common to wrongful conviction – faulty eyewitness identification, police and prosecutor misconduct, junk science and systemic flaws – are also addressed.  Arson and false allegations of a wide range of types of child abuse are examined closely, with experts’ reports and links to specialists provided to assist innocent persons facing similar charges.

When we can, we refer wrongfully convicted persons to appropriate resources, but we do not personally provide advocacy services.  We maintain a frequently-updated list of contacts for US innocence projects, as well as innocence projects in Canada, Australia and the UK.  In some instances, we are able to help the wrongfully convicted find the forensic experts needed to prove their innocence … (full text).

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