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The International Indigenous ICT Task Force Launches an Indigenous Internet Portal, Created, Owned, and Operated by Indigenous Peoples:

New York, NY May 21, 2007 – At United Nations Headquarters, the Indigenous ICT Task Force (IITF) successfully launched a unique internet portal about Indigenous Peoples, for Indigenous Peoples and by Indigenous Peoples during the 6th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

This new and exciting portal web site will serve Indigenous communities around the world by operating in four basic languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian.


About: Through daily news and articles to raise awareness of the sovereignty position of the Kanionke:haka/Mohawk, in particular:

  • The impossibility of legitimately alienating our land according to our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law;
  • The original constitutional relationship between us, the United States and Canada is nation-to-nation as governed by the Two Row Wampum Agreement;
  • Resistance to the illegal misrepresentation of our people by “foreign” federal, state and provincial entities and their band, tribal and other corporations which constitutes genocide according to international law;
  • To repudiate all colonial reasoning and practices.

(Please sign: The International Petition on Mohawk Nation News).

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