The Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation

in japanese, in english.

Linked with Yukika Sohma – Japan, and with The Association for Aid and Relief AAR.

In english, all texts (Ozaki Yukio … / History / Our Programs / Objectives For xouth leadership and training / Research and Studies) are on one page, the Homepage in english:

History: The Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation is a private nonprofit organization based in Tokyo. It was established on 10 December 1956 and was formerly approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture the following year. On 25 February 1960, the Ozaki Memorial Hall and Clock Tower, built in front of the Diet with donations from all over Japan and around the world, were presented to the House of Representative. As a tradition, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan serves as its Chairman. (full text).

Address: Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation, Kensei-kinen-kan, 1-1-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0014, Japan. Office hours: 9:30-17:30 Mon-Fri, TEL: +81-3-3581-1778, FAX: +81-3-3581-1856, Info, Web.

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