Caste Watch UK

CasteWatchUK is a secular, non-denominational, independent and voluntary organisation registered with the Charity Commission. We seek to promote social cohesion and an environment that respects and values individuals in society, irrespective of colour, Caste, creed, gender, background, age, orientation, race, or any other criteria encompassed in the current equality legislation in the UK … (about 1/2).


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Address: Caste Watch UK, PO Box 3685, Coventry, CV6 4WA, UK;

About 2/2 …   /Aims and Objectives: To advance the education of the public by raising awareness of caste discrimination occurring in the UK and to review caste discrimination practices and policies.

  • Provide support and other services or assistance to people who are the subject of casteism, in order to relieve their needs.
  • Undertake such charitable purposes as the trustees may from time to time determine.

Statement of policy:

  • In the interest of clarity, we wish to state that CasteWatchUK is an independent and secular organisation not affiliated to any religious or political group whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.
  • CasteWatchUK campaigns against Caste Based Discrimination (CBD) and not against any religion or religious group. We understand CBD to be an historical and cultural phenomenon that inflicts many communities worldwide but significantly those of the Indian Sub-continent (where numbers affected finds no parallel). Those caught by CBD do so by virtue of holding onto Caste as a social entity.

Governance and organisational structure

  • The governing body of CasteWatchUK is the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for the activities of CasteWatchUK. The Executive Committee is elected annually and comprises of Honorary Officers and other members without portfolio. The Honorary Officers are responsible for the day to day running of the Charity. Its powers include co-option of members and the appointment of Patrons and Advisors. The Executive Committee also has powers for the appointment of sub-committees with delegated authority subject to its direction.

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