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A Brief Overview of The Nippon Foundation: The Nippon Foundation was founded in 1962 as an organization that concerned itself primarily with the maritime industry. Since then, however, our sphere of activity has expanded inland from the oceans to the point where now it encompasses most of the globe. The fruits of our labor can be found from sub-Sahelian Africa, to the Malacca-Singapore Straits and the rain forests of South America. In fact, our efforts can be seen just about anywhere on earth where members of the human race live and dream. To us, this work is the obligation, and the joy, of being human. (full text).

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About: From the Chairman – When The Nippon Foundation was established some forty years ago, the statement, ‘The world is one family: All mankind are brothers and sisters,’ may not have made much sense to many people. At the time, the world was far from being one family. Instead, it was in a precarious position where the slightest provocation by the Super Powers could lead to an eruption of war. Fear, not hope, dominated the world. But it was during this time of tension and despair that the late Ryoichi Sasakawa, my father and the founder of our Foundation, dreamed of working for a better world.

The Nippon Foundation envisions a world in which we have transcended politics and ideology, religion and race, a world where we no longer suffer from hunger or disease. But there is a barrier at present, a wall that was created by none other than human hands. This man-made wall prevents us from understanding the suffering of others, and blocks us from finding a solution to poverty and human misery. It is our belief that by removing this wall, by enabling people who are now impoverished and socially handicapped, to be the arbiter and creator of their own lives, we will make it possible to create a better world.

Based on that conviction, we have devoted ourselves, since our founding in 1962, to supporting primarily the efforts of those striving for independence. Japan has as yet little experience in philanthropic activities. Hence The Nippon Foundation, as a non-governmental organization, has continued to take the lead and the initiative in undertaking numerous such activities. I think that our efforts have enabled us to at least contribute in part to the realization of a better and more prosperous world.

Currently, we have groups devoted to meeting basic human needs, such as the agricultural technology support operations (SG2000) which has now spread to more than ten countries in Africa, and the elimination of leprosy by the year 2,005. In addition, there is the Sasakawa Young Leaders Scholarship Fund, now set up in over 60 universities throughout the world, and medical training program aimed at nearly 1,000 Chinese doctors, as wells as other undertakings for the nurturing of young leaders, in whose hands our future lies. For a period of more than ten years we have continued to support such projects, and we have achieved clear and recognizable results. (full text).

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