Refugee Action

working with refugees to build new lives – Linked with REFUGEE ACTION RESPONSE TO TODAY’S CONTROL OF IMMIGRATION STATISTICS.

  • Refugee Action is an independent national charity that works with refugees to build new lives in the UK.
  • We provide advice and support to asylum seekers and refugees in the North West, the Midlands, London, South West and South Central.
  • Video: from Casablanca to Calais, 9.25 min … (Homepage).
  • Introduction to Refugie Action.

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Address: Refugee Action, head office, The Old Fire Station, 150 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8SB, UK;

About: Refugee Action has over 28 years’ experience in the reception, resettlement, development and integration of asylum seekers and refugees.

Refugee Action’s Asylum Advice teams provide a reception service for newly arrived asylum seekers, as well as advice and advocacy. Our Choices service provides independent advice to asylum seekers considering returning voluntarily to their country of origin.

Refugee Action’s community development workers promote the development of refugee communities.

We also run innovative projects to enhance opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers.

Introduction to Refugie Action.

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