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  • Our aim: ePolitix.com’s aim is to provide policymakers with the relevant information to make an informed policy decision … (about ePolitix’s Members 1/2).
  • ePolitix.com is an open access political and Parliamentary website which serves to improve communication between MPs and policymakers and policy influencer … (Contacts).

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About ePolitix’s Members 2/2: … What are ePolitix.com Members?  

  • The Members area of ePolitix.com is where we build, update and host specialist public affairs websites for a wide range of different organisations.
  • These organisations include campaigning groups, blue chip companies, charities, trade and professional associations, trade unions and government agencies.

Communicating to the political community

  • Before ePolitix.com launched in September 2000, we carried out extensive market research on what policymakers like and dislike about the way organisations communicate with them.
  • We found that many in the political community dislike being sent information directly as they often receive too much information to deal with, much of it irrelevant to them or at a time when it isn’t needed.
  • The Members section of our website solves this problem as it enables organisations to house the information they want to communicate to the political community and allows policymakers to use it as and when they need it.

Read about an organisation’s public affairs views

  • Organisations use the Members section to house their public affairs information.
  • This usually involves: a description of what the organisation does, its views on relevant policies and legislation, pertinent press releases and policy briefings.
  • Organisations can update this information whenever they wish, which means their Member websites can be used as a highly topical and adaptable political communications tool.

For more information, please contact David Tripepi-Lewis: by e-mail, or on 020 7091 7651.

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