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Contributors: RINF publishes original articles and news reports from journalists, readers, authors, activists, researchers and artists. The site has a team of dedicated reporters from around the world who write original content for the site. Joint the team; (full text).

Contact: UK Office, RINF Alternative News, Gees Court, 3A Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1QD, United Kingdom, Office Tel: 01524 388868,

News Leads Hotline: 07891 1146696, E-mail.

about: RINF is an independent source for under reported news from around the world, which is updated around the clock. RINF does not back or endorse any political party. RINF funding comes in the form of Google Ads, which displays content relevant links and the sale of info DVDs. RINF has been featured on hundreds of alternative media and mainstream media web sites, TV stations and radio shows including TalkSports, NBC, NY Times, BBC, Indymedia, Icke, Rense, Prison Planet, ICH, WRH, RRN and many more. RINF Events. RINF encourages members to get involved with national and local activist groups and movements. By focusing/working together on shared goals we will enforce change in our various political, environmental, social, corporate, media and spiritual climates. The events calendar is becoming an integral part of the RINF site with heavy focus on helping members to get active both nationally and in their local area.

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