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in english, arabic, french, spanish and russian – Linked with Forest Peoples’ Programme and others send letter to Zoellick on palm oil.

The Bank Information Center partners with civil society in developing and transition countries to influence the World Bank and other international financial institutions to promote social and economic justice and ecological sustainability … (about BIC 1/2 /Mission).

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About BIC /Mission 2/2: … The above mission rests on the core premise that socially and environmentally sustainable development is not possible without the informed and active participation of local communities.

All too often, powerful interests prevent local voices from shaping development policy and projects. Many of the current economic and social crises affecting the world’s poor are in large part a result of their marginalization.  By opening political space around development decision-making, BIC aims to ensure that local communities and civil society organizations have an important voice in decisions that affect them. BIC assists these groups through its information dissemination and capacity building activities, coalition building, project and policy monitoring, and advocacy support services.

BIC is supported by private foundations and organizations that work in the fields of environment and development. BIC is not affiliated with any of the Multilateral Development Banks, nor does it receive any funding from them. (View BICs Brochure, in PDF).

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