Focus on Food Campaign

Focus on Food is a Campaign which raises the profile and importance of food education and helps secure, sustain and strengthen the status of food in primary and secondary schools nationally, and the wider community. The Campaign focuses on the making and cooking of food as the key experience in learning about the social immortance of food. (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: At the heart of the Campaign is the drive to:

  • Ensure cooking is at the core of food education;
  • Improve food teacher training;
  • Improve food teaching facilities in schools;
  • Implement a whole-school approach to food in all schools;
  • Make food education compulsory in all primary and secondary schools.
  • Support cooking in the wider community.

The Focus on Food Campaign was set up against a background of a national decline in cooking ability and teaching coupled with rising health problems caused by poor diet and lack of food knowledge and skills.

Cooking is a key life skill which everyone deserves to be taught well. Unless people learn to cook they cannot successfully make healthy eating choices and take full control of their food lives. It is not taught by all schools. With increasing obesity among young people and the emphasis on healthy eating and whole-school approaches to food in schools the Focus on Food Campaign maintains that the diet and health of the nation will not change significantly unless people are taught the basic skills to cook tasty meals from fresh ingredients. Children should learn to cook at school. Teachers need quality training and the resources to teach it well.

Any school can join the Campaign by registering FREE to support Focus on Food  and its aims. Registering will bring access to quality teaching resources including our publication COOK SCHOOL and the chance to apply for a Cooking Bus visit. In return we will ask schools to complete a simple survey once a year. Cooking Buses generally work within schools during term time but during holidays they support cooking activities in the community and any group can apply for a visit … (full long text about).

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