Why wait? (for sex)

Linked with Irene Chaluluka – Malawi.

‘Why wait?’ is not a group of the Civil Society, but in Africa (Malawi and others) a program to prevent HIV/AIDS contamination. It is also a new behavior spread by christian communities. However, I have not found a website of their own, but this program, or behavior is named on other sites. Here some of them:

on Probe.org;
on Michael Rota’s believe;
on leadershipU.com;
on anabaptists.org.
and so on …

a book on amazon;
a second book on amazon;

And here a longer excerpt on intervarsity.org:

Our society is starving for intimacy. And many of the lies we believe in our culture have to do with our hunger for relationship. We want acceptance, loving relationships and deep intimacy, and yet we believe the lie that sex will satisfy our hunger. It’s true that we are profoundly sexual beings, but it’s time to examine some of the lies we feast on: the lie that premarital sex is one of our unalienable rights, the lie that sexual intercourse is the route to intimacy, and the lie that premarital abstinence is obsolete at best and repressive at worst. These are all lies. History teaches us that people believe what they want to hear. Lies can sound so true when people are starving for truth. Even whole societies will feast on their promises . The Inquisition was based on the lie that some people could force other people to change their religious beliefs. American colonists believed the lie that people of one race had the right to own, buy and sell people of another race. More recently, hundreds of thousands of people believed Hitler’s lie that the Jewish race should be eradicated. Most of us can hardly imagine that anyone could have believed these lies. And yet we swallow other lies all the time. We have bought into lies because we are a starving people. We are people who long to be loved, touched and understood in a world of declining family ties and epidemic dysfunction. Our desires are certainly not new; they are as old as humanity. The difference in our world today is that people are trying to fulfill these longings in strange ways: through machines (TV’s, CD players, cell phones and computers), through sports, material possessions, institutions and sex. Especially through sex. “Try it just once and you’ll be fulfilled.” “Go for variety and you won’t be bored.” “A life without sex is a life without belonging.” Sexual experience has become a personal right, a need to be met and a norm to be accepted. (full text).

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