Liberian Women’s Initiative LWI

Linked with Mary Brownell – Liberia.

This group has not its own website, but is named on others (some with excerpts):

Ghana Center for Democratic Development CDD-Ghana

Mission Statement of LWI: To engage in educational activities promoting nonviolent conflict resolution and civic education.
A brief statement of Activities:

  • Sustained campaign, uniting Liberian women from all sectors of society, to bring an end to the country’s civil war;
  • It has directed its activities at major players in the Liberian conflict, including West African political leaders, officials of the United States, and the UN;
  • Prior to 1997 democratic elections, it played a major role in bringing about disarmament, and engaged in voter education activities.

Contact Information: 11 Broad Street, PO Box 1063, Monrovia-Liberia, Tel – 231 227 095.

Human Rights Database HRI: Background – Following the signing and subsequent breakdown of the Peace Agreement in 1993-4, LWI was formed by Liberian women from all walks of life, with the aim of fostering disarmament, peace and free and fair elections. Currently, LWI runs programmes aimed at community-building, civic education and advocacy. ‘Bridges to Peace’ is aimed at informal female leaders in five communities in Monrovia, to prevent conflicts from growing out of hand by getting people to cooperate on solving problems in the community.

Civic initiatives in the peace process;


African Women Development Fund.

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