Women in Peacebuilding Program WIPNET

(named on WANEP.org).

Linked with Mary Brownell – Liberia.

WIPNET was established four years ago to mobilize women, build their capacity and encourage collaboration among them to build lasting peace and promote human security in West Africa. WIPNET’s challenge remains the integration of women’s concerns and their participation in policy formulation and implementation in peace and security issues in the sub-region. To ensure the mainstreaming of gender in peacebuilding, in 2005 the WIPNET program began the process of forging partnerships with policy makers and technocrats using its wide grassroots network to advocate for the mainstreaming of women’s issues in policy formulation in peace and security.


  • Develop policy recommendations for mainstreaming women’s issues in peace and security;
  • Strengthen the nexus between policy makers, technocrats and women’s groups;
  • Sustain women’s participation in formal peacebuilding in West Africa;
  • Strengthen capacity of rural/grassroots women in peacebuilding at community and national levels;
  • Build strategic partnerships with women’s networks in other regions.

(full text on this WANEP.org-page).

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