Mano River Women’s Peace Network MARWOPNET

(in english, en français).

Linked with Mary Brownell – Liberia.

MARWOPNET’S vision is of a sub-region that is peaceful and prosperous inhabited by citizens who are healthy, educated, live in unity and enjoying all their human rights including equity and equality with women playing an effective role in peace and sustainable development processes within the sub region, Africa and the world.



  • Reach a lasting peace in the Mano River sub-region, which will guarantee a solid basis to raise awareness about gender and sustainable development;
  • Establish a better understanding of the mechanisms of peace, security and development at all levels and reinforce women’s participation in conflict prevention and management and the restoration of peace;
  • Assure the full and equal participation of women in the democratic process, particularly in the decision-making structures related to peace and development and facilitate the conception and implementation of gender-sensitive programs and policies;
  • Mobilize women’s groups and organizations and reinforce their capacity in conflict prevention, management and resolution;
  • Raise awareness amongst women’s groups and organizations on various issues fundamental to reaching a sustainable peace, such as respect for human rights, democracy, gender equality and development;
  • Develop a larger union amongst the women of the Mano River region united by the common goal of peace and create solidarity and partnership networks with women’s organizations working for peace and other similar initiatives. These include African Women’s Committee for Peace, and the African Women’s Federation of Peace Networks;
  • Promote and develop MARWOPNET’s role as an instrumental player in the peace and reconciliation process in the sub-region;
  • Create a roster of women professionals and experts in the Mano River Union countries from different sectors of society whose expertise will serve national and international institutions.

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