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  • Emergence Collective is a prototype of the future of open innovation collaboration. True innovation cannot be owned; it is the result of resonance with the spirit of the times (zeitgeist) and is fundamentally dependent on the collective intelligence manifested through distributed parallel research and development on a global level. For innovation to have a measurable and positive impact on global society it must be allowed to flourish throughout the information ecosystem as an unrestrained cultural meme. Emergence Collective invites daring individuals who want to join the bleeding edge of global innovation the chance to co-create aesthetic, technological and social momentum.
  • Our first initiative, The Future of Money project, is currently underway. (Concept).

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The Future of Money Project /About: On October 25th 2010, Venessa will be presenting a keynote at the SIBOS conference in Amsterdam, the world’s premiere financial services event. We are taking this opportunity to share our perspective with some of the movers and shakers in the financial industry in the form of a 3-5 minute video to accompany Venessa’s presentation. We are calling this project The Future of Money. 

  • What disruptive technologies are transforming our ability to exchange value? What complimentary and digital currencies are emerging? How can we develop tools that accelerate innovation and human empowerment? What is true wealth?
  • These are the questions we’re going to address in the Future of Money video. We’ll provide a snapshot of the emerging currencies landscape, and interview the innovators and thought leaders who are busy developing business models, frameworks, and ideas for a new global economy. Then we’ll pull it all together with some compelling visions of how things could play out over the next decade.

An Experiment in Open Innovation:

  • In the spirit of open innovation we intend to give this video away for free when it is finished. We believe that the research and opinions we’ll collect will be of significant value to anyone concerned about their economic future – and who isn’t these days! That’s why we’re asking you to determine for yourself what degree of support you can muster to help. Even just a small amount will go a long way towards helping us cover our time and expenses on this volunteer effort. And of course it couldn’t hurt to tell your friends ;) Use the contribution buttons on the sidebar to the right to support the project however you can.
  • It is our belief that if this production is generously supported by the network it will serve as a perfect example of the kind of courageous new business models that will be increasingly commonplace as the new economy evolves!

Project Production Timeline: … (full text).


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