New Economy Network NEN

toward an economy that sustains people and the planet

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Who we are: The New Economy Network is a network of individuals and organizations interacting and collaborating within a broad framework of shared objectives. It is an ecumenical endeavor open to many perspectives and ideas. We are oriented toward finding solutions, not placing blame. What brings us together as a group, and what defines our activities as a group, is our shared commitment to collaborative action, systemic change, diversity of perspective and mutual learning … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2 … /Why We Have Come Together: 

  • The current global economy is doing a poor job of supporting people, communities, and the natural environment and providing a high quality of life and a safe future for all.
  • Incremental, problem-solving reforms, while essential, must be complemented by parallel efforts to address systemic inadequacies and build a new economy for the long-term.
  • Many individuals and organizations are currently working on aspects of a new economy which sustains people and the planet, e.g. the objectives and values to which such an economy should be dedicated, the principles on which it should operate, the metrics by which it should be measured, and the steps needed to move in these directions. But current efforts remain small, fragmented and outside the mainstream of public discourse.
  • A creative fusion of people and institutions, ideas and action offers tremendous potential to shape a new, vastly improved economic system and associated public policy.

Our Vision – Our vision is a successful global economy that will:

  • Work for all people and communities and meet our basic human needs, including food, shelter, good health, education, meaningful work, and energy;
  • Preserve and restore the natural environment for current and future generations;
  • Provide opportunities for all people to find satisfying work, develop their human potential and participate fairly in the value they help create;
  • Have markets and financial institutions that are fair, transparent, well regulated, and accountable for all participants; and
  • Release the creativity of the more than six billion people who share the planet toward new solutions, products, and services.

What We Seek:

  • Comprehensive reforms that address the current failures of the global economy to provide full employment, healthy communities, stable markets and to protect the planet.
  • Systemic solutions that address root causes, not ad hoc, piecemeal, or narrowly nationalistic approaches that are focused on symptoms.
  • Collective input and effort of leaders from many disciplines and communities, not just top-down adjustments to current markets by regulators and economic experts.
  • Assessment and application of alternative models and approaches, which have been developed in the periphery of public awareness, that together point the way to a more just and sustainable economy.

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