World Movement for Global Democracy WMGL

(a global network of individuals and organizations working for a better world)

About: Our Vision is of a world that works for everybody, where all people have enough to eat, a decent place to live, a good education, clean water and sanitation, access to basic healthcare, right livelihood, and a decent standard of living. This would include a world where we protect and restore our natural environment, live sustainably, treat each other with respect and dignity, protect all people’s basic human rights, can participate equitably in local to global decision making, and resolve our conflicts and differences peaceably.

Conferences, Events;

Our Mission is to gather and develop a listing of the most promising proposals and initiatives for solving our primary global problems and challenges and developing an active network of people and organizations that will promote and support these initiatives. It is to develop sufficient support to actually achieve and implement these goals.

Our Objectives are to raise awareness about the most constructive means for solving our primary global problems and to develop and support the most effective strategies and policies for passing and implementing these initiatives. It is to raise awareness among the world’s people that we can achieve our goals and create a world that works well for everyone if we unite together to demand that our leaders do the things that are needed to create it now. (full text).

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