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Vimochana seems not having an english website, but is named (in english) on:

India together – Vimochana has been working for 20 years on women’s issues. Our focus has been domestic violence and sexual harassment at the workplace. Initially, we operated as an office based counselling organisation. But soon enough, we got fed up with arm-chair theorising and decided to personally investigate the cases that came to us. The transition brought many shocks. The first was the sight of burnt bodies of young girls and women. Our initial attempts at investi-gation were not easy … (full text).

Vimochana: A Forum for Women’s Rights: Towards gendered justice and reaffirming the ethic of the feminine.

STREELEKHA, (named on, is a feminist bookstore based in Bangalore, South India. It is a sister concern of Vimochana, an activist organisation based in the same city. The women at Vimochana and Streelekha have been working in and around Karnataka for the last 17 years, mostly to protest and defend the rights of women wherever and whenever they have been violated. (full text).


Vimochana Development Society. Our Mission: Our mission is the organization of people for striving for justice for an equitable sharing so as to enable the have-nots and disadvantaged to have just participation in the goods and facilities and opportunities that go to make a happy home of this planet for every one inclusive of all cast, color and sex.

Vimochana samaram, or ‘The Liberation Struggle’ in Kerala history is the political agitation that started in 1958 against the first Communist government in Kerala under the chiefministership of E.M.S. Namboodiripad … (wikipedia). See also ‘Naxalite‘.

Vimochana Devadasi Punarvasati Sangh, or just VIMOCHANA, 2380, Shedbal Rd., Opp Government hospital, Athani – 591304, Karnataka, India. Tel: 00 91 8289 52353, Fax: 00 91 8289 51587. Named on CRIN, the child rights information network.

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