Oslo Freedom Forum – a conference for human rights

Linked on our blogs with Hinckley Institute of Politics, with Uyghur American Association UAA, and with Hinckley forum discusses Turkish minority’s lack of rights in China.

… Watch Video with Uyghur leader Rebiya Kadeer, 21.03 min, give the keynote address to the Oslo Freedom Forum 2010 … at the Oslo Freedom Forum, speakers share diverse perspectives and expertise, from those individuals with first-hand experience in the fight for human rights to those offering insight based on academic research and political and non-profit leadership … (full text Welcome Page).

Speakers; Supporters; News; Videos; All Conference talks will be made available on our YouTube channel for Oslo Freedom Forum;
Contact online.

About: … The Oslo Freedom Forum 2010, which concluded on April 29 in Norway, featured dozens of speakers and participants from more than 40 countries: 

To establish a space for leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to gather in an intimate community where they are given the opportunity and information necessary to make a direct impact on human rights advocacy

To provide a setting for gripping talks from inspiring and energizing speakers

To create an incubating network that encourages the cross- pollination of ideas that can help put an end to today’s most serious human rights violations

To build a platform for extraordinary human rights defenders with limited previous exposure to gain increased visibility and effectiveness

To open an educational window into the promotion of human rights … (full text).

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