The Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra CCMN

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(an english excerpt) Who we are – And a little bit of our history:

  • Inaugurated on 30th of June 1990in Santos/SP;
  • Since 1991, the CCMN offers juridic assistence to women, men and children in cases of racism and offers legal help to women and children that are victims of domestic and sexual violence;
  • Offers since 1993 psychological advice to women and children assisted by CCMN´s juridic service. In cases of racism, this psychological advice is offered to black men, too;
  • Co-promoted in 1993 the “1st National Meeting of Popular Entities” about violence against women;
  • Held in 1994 the “Meeting of Black Women of the Baixada Santista” concerning racial, sexual and domestic violence;
  • In 1995 released the campaign “Violence Against Women: Zero Tolerance” and started the campaign “Violence against women, a question of Public Health”;
  • In the racial field, we released in 1997 the campaign “For an Education Without Discrimination” to sensitize educators to an anti-racist education;
  • From 1995 to 1998 the CCMN worked as the executive-department in the sub-region Brazil of the “Latin-American and Caribian Feminist Network Fighting Against Domestic and Sexual Violence”, coordinated by Alzira Rufino;
  • “2nd National Meeting of Popular Entities”, involving 50 organizations, about the subject “Violence against women, a question of Public Health”, in 1997, in partnership with the “Women´s Union of São Paulo”;
  • The CCMN promoted in 1999 the National Seminar “Health, Women and Inner-family Violence”, involving 60 organizations from Brazil and guests from Argentina (Department of Social Welfare), Angola (Department of Family and Woman´s Issues), South Africa and the United States;
  • In the years 2000 and 2001, the CCMN took part of the brazilian process at the World Conference Against Racism, creating the online bulletin “Boletim Eparrei online” in June 2001;
  • The magazine “Revista Eparrei” is launched in November 2001.

CCMN´s representation on an international level:

  • In 1991 CCMN was one of the 20 international organizations involved in a traineeship about violence against women, held in the United States;
  • In 1993, we were one of the organizations that represented Brazil at the Parallel NGO Forum of the World Conference of Human Rights in Vienna;
  • Took part on the International Conference about Violence Against Women, in Brighton, U.K., 1996, through Alzira Rufino, invited as one of the event´s speakers;
  • Invited by the “Making the Links with Brazil”-Program of the Milton Keynes World Development Education Centre, CCMN educators visited in 1996 schools and organizations in Milton Keynes, U.K.; later, in 1997, one educator from Milton Keynes visited CCMN, schools and organizations in Santos;
  • Visit, as consultors, at the Masisukumeni Centre, in South Africa in August 1998, an organization that attends women who are victims of domestic/sexual violence on the countryside; representatives of the Masisukumeni Centre visited CCMN and the Woman´s Office in Santos in June 1999;
  • The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States(OAS) in its session on 9th of May 2001 allowed CCMN to follow, while being a NGO, OAS´s activities, contributing in its fields of specialization. CCMN was the first brazilian NGO to receive this permission from the OAS;
  • CCMN´s staff-members got their labor-rights ensured.

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  • TEXT in PORTUGUESE: Quem somos – E um pouco de nossa história;
  • TEXT in espanol: Y un poco de nuestra história.

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