Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE

Representing the Indigenous Voice in a Modern World.

Linked with Luis Macas Ambuludí – Ecuador, with PACHAKUTIK, and with Native Web.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE – Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas de Ecuador, Actualización 31 Julio, 2007;

Eventos CONAIE; Ultimas noticias; Videoteca/videos; Inscribase/Inscription; Convocatoria; Galeria Fotografica; Enlaces/links;
Contact: Confed. Nacionalidades Indas del Ecuador CONAIE, Av. Los Granados E10 – 275 y 6 de Diciembre, Casilla 17 – 17 – 1235, WEB, E-mail, Telfs. (00593)(2)2-453-339, (00593)(2)2-452-335, Telefax (00593)(2)2-444-991.

LINK: See also their page on Natif Web (Natif Web’s homepage):

Since its formation in 1986, CONAIE has led the indigenous peoples of Ecuador from relative isolation to a position at center stage of Ecuadorian society. CONAIE is the representative body that guarantees indigenous people the political voice that has too long been denied them, and that expresses their needs and goals within a rapidly changing world. “It is no accident that most of the remaining natural resources are on indigenous land. First the white world destroys their own environment, then they come asking for the last pieces of land they have put us on, the earth we have protected.” (Luis Maca on Natif Web, former president of CONAIE).

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