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Ziki.com is a next generation search engine focused on people, powered by people;
Ziki inc is a New-york company founded in january 2006 by Olivier Ruffin and Patrick Chassany.

Ziki is a free way to search for comprehensive information about a person based on published information available on the Web.

An estimated 30 percent of Internet research relates to people searches. “To Google someone” has become a part of everyday language for most Americans, and with the explosion of social networks and publication platforms (blogs, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, etc), Internet users have scattered across the Web a mine of personal information. Since this information is searched on a regular basis , there is a need to organize and present it in a structured way.

Why search with Ziki.com? Because of our broad and comprehensive search capabilities, you can use Ziki :

  • For professional research: To identify potential business partners, customers or employers;
  • For personal research: To track down an old friend, former colleague, or to learn more about relatives and family;
  • For fun: to research celebrities, find out more about social groups or meet like-minded people.

What makes Ziki.com different from other search engines? … (full text).

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