Global Connections

Linked with African Studies Centre ASC, with Connecting Africa, and with Development Policy Review Network DPRN.

  • Welcome to Global-Connections, the searchable database for international cooperation and development experts based in the Netherlands and Flanders.
  • As a project, Global-Connections is part of the Development Policy Review Network.
  • A Dutch initiative to stimulate informed debate, cooperation and synergy among development experts from science, policy, practice and business. (Homepage ff).

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About: Global-Connections is an initiative of the Development Policy Review Network (DPRN), a network of development experts from science, policy, development practice and the corporate sector (whose purpose is to stimulate debate on development policy and to increase collaboration and synergy between the different sectors). The searchable database at Global-Connections helps achieving this. The database provides access to the thematic, geographical and MDG expertise of Dutch and Flemish scientists, policymakers, development practitioners and those who work in the private sector.

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